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God And Homosexuals

I have recently decided that I am a lesbian. I attend a youth group at my church once a week. Recently we did this thing where we put questions in a box and they answered them. At one point someone's question was if homosexualism is a sin. They said it was. I guess I kind of expected them to say that. But I keep wondering, 'Why would God make me lesbian if he hates lesbians? Am I going to hell if I lie next to a women like I should lie next to a man, as the bible says?' It is killing me. I want to continue to follow Jesus, but am I going to hell for loving women instead of men?
Cderra Cderra 13-15, F 8 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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Most religions are created by men as a form of social control. Half their rules and stories don't even make any sense (for example, going to hell after you die, when your body is no longer capable of experiencing anything, but will magically be brought back to life...just to suffer? by a loving god, supposedly), but, suspiciously, you will find that they protect the interests of heterosexual males better than the interests of anyone else, particularly access to women's bodies, which is precisely the purpose of lesbiphobia in religion. It may help you to study history, sociology, and religion (not just one religion, but the philosophy and history of religion itself) and get a broader perspective if you want to fully understand and make an informed choice about how to live your life. In the short term, you can decide whether it is moral to merely follow, or whether you should decide right and wrong based on something more substantial...such as, what does or does not do harm.

God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. He does not hate u.

Well back in the Middle Ages the Church would force beliefs down people's throats, using their fear in advantage and there is still signs of it today, just like there are many contraditions as to who wrote the bible. I believe and love God, but I was always told that He is open to accept people as they are if they love him, and that He welcomes everyone, young or old. Besides, how can love, such a pure feeling, be wrong, just because you love someone of the same sex?


You're welcome, I hope I helped at least a little :)

There is nothing wrong with you.

god says in the bible that all sins are the same. i am struggling through the same ordeal. god wont send people like us to hell, sin is in human nature. we cant help who we are made to be.

Whenever people try to tell me I am going to hell because I am a lesbian I answer with Matthew 22:36-40
36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

How am I violating either of these laws by having sex with women instead of men? When I point out that they are violating the second part by hating me for being a lesbian most of them back off. Only the truly closed minded press on in hating me and I really want nothing to do with such people.

Hi i come from background that is religious and very traditional. I never feel bad to be lesbian myself but i know society intolerant. My country really bad for gays and lesbians. But i study religion in school and read new testament that where words of Jesus are. He never say anything about Lesbian go to hell. That is just rule made by patriarchal society want to control women. Men want to separate women from their sexuality if is straight or lesbian cos is a threat to mens hegemony. No man - and no brainwash woman - can tell you homosexuality is sin and speak true cos they are wrong. I get very angry about this. Just let them have their rant. If there is a heaven and hell after this life - i dont think so but some do - then the haters will be in hell and the lovers will be in heaven. So be a lover!!!

God didnt say he hate lesbians.a d he also didnt create em.he gave us free will to controll iur own minds u chose to b a lesbian which isint les of a sin than any.the bible says no sin is greater than another.which means the same person that denies your faith thats call hatridge hes just as sinful as a murderer and me im not in a sexual were no better than u hun god hated noone

I didn't chose to be a lesbian, I am a lesbian.Big difference.

looks like that god gave free will to drobin to be foolish. no one choose to be lesbian no one choose to be straight or white or black or tall or short or have red hair!!! Is how your genes your dna made up and then how your nurture also. why do people have to say is choice?? Oh dear im a lifestyle lesbian cos is in fashion this week!! Next week i be a clown in circus.
Sorry everybody if my anger come out too much but i get really mad for all this stupid talk!!

homosexuality is a sin, just like fornication, lust, greed, etc., but it doesn't damn you to hell because we are all born sinners according to the gospel. but life is about trying to live a better life in the ways of christ. so it's not that you are evil, but you do have a spiritual conflict within yourself.

homosexuality is not a sin! where in the ways of christ does it say that it is?

read the bible. im not trying to debate it, because it states that in the bible somewhere. i have to look in the bible to give you the exact verse. I'm not going to use my own argument or thoughts for which i am not a biased person in regards to beliefs but that my foundings are based upon something i came across while reading the bible.

trust me i have friends from all walks of life and i am in no way fit to judge anyones destiny. so dont think that i'm a person who is against people based on sexual preference, that would be as redundant as hating people for there choices in life. we all fall, and make mistakes, as we grow we continue to learn because we will never know it all. you have good people and bad people. people with good hearts and faith and spirit then you just have blind people who only follow what they are taught rather than actually seeking the truth on a more personal level.