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See there's this girl who was in drum line with me last year and she completely blew my mind. I knew I was gay in 5th grade but still. She just confirmed it.

She has no idea I exist since last year she graduated. I only talked to her maybe 3 times that year because of how nervous I got around her. I think she is the most beautiful, smart, funny person there is and it just kills me that she's straight. I want to get over her. I need to get over her because I deserve someone who I can actually have a chance with and thinking of here ruins that.
Lezbedrumming15 Lezbedrumming15 16-17, F 1 Response Feb 3, 2013

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It is always hard liking someone that does not have the same feelings back. In time you will find someone that will like you back also, just keep your head up and keep smiling you never know who is watching.