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i did not know i was gay i guess the beauty of a woman draws me from the closet.i was always a tomboy but never saw girls in that way.i am not out of the closet as yet but still knows when a 'straight girl' wants you i see girls who are consider straight touch me in places puting their hands under your clothes and i admit it turned me on but i never showed that it turn me on i swear to god if i came out the closet every girl would want me one of my friends who is dead straight she wants me to she became so close to me she told me that her father touch her and she haven't even told her bestfriends. i guess is the way i look the chinese eyes which i don't have any in me my lips which i hate because its to big i just got the look way i could get boys and girls at the same time.i have turn out girl back and fought and last time i had a tutor and some other kids where there to a girl walked in look at me had a big smile on her face and i was just like here we go again but i hate all of it because i just want you to be yourself i hate that i am trapped in a closet but i just locked my self in so this is my little story good -bye
jayplay101 jayplay101 16-17, F 1 Response Feb 3, 2013

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Nothing wrong being lez, if other people don't accept you for it then they're not true friends and people you should just ignore.