My Best Friend

I'm a lesbian. And I'm completely in love with my best friend. Ugh I hate it so much, she's just unbelievably perfect, and that isn't just the lust speaking. She's gorgeous. I hate that I love her, because she has NO clue I'm gay at all. She's definitely straight though, and I know she'd be fine with me being gay, but that isn't even the point, it's the fact that I can't stop thinking about her every single day, I know so many other people are probably in this position as well. So it would be nice to hear from anyone else like me
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hands up for us being secretly in love with their best friend it could the best feeling just being with them at the same time it could be heart breaking..main reason: can't express your real sexuality and how u feel about them cos u might lose them once u told 'em..i hate this damn feeling this is the worst feeling i could ever endure pfffft

I was in the same position. We were best friends and so close and comfortable with each other. One day I just felt like we were actually being a little too close than normal and I just kissed her. She ended up kissing me back and we actually started going out. I guess I turned her.

Wishing you not just a smile but laughter,
Not just happiness but joy, l love and peace of mind.

I'm so sorry girl, that is the worst! I think all of us have been there at one time or another. Its the worst feeling knowing they cant feel the same way towards you. Just try not to do what I did and get hung up on them for years, but I know that's almost impossible. Best thing is to try and meet someone new, someone that can love you back.

I'm going through the exact same thing right now... Let me know if you want to chat. I have no idea who to talk to and it'd be nice to talk to someone who would get it. :)

Just ask stuff like what would you do if I'm gay.. And just try to tell her with out telling her you know what I mean... Well I hope this works and message me if you need more advice..!