I think I am at least. I've always studied girls and women. Looked at them in ways I regret later. Thought about them in a way that makes me hurt. Rating them with my dad, and wondering if he knows. I've admitted it to two people and that's it. Two almost complete strangers. Talking with friends I "jokingly" talk about my "girl crushes" and how much I adore them. While the list of women goes on for miles the guys I find attractive are slim to none. When I say a male is attractive I never really feel it. When I say a girl is perfect I always feel it deep inside me, pulling on my heart and making me choke.
I think girls are majestic creatures, the way I imagine a straight girl would feel for boys. The girls I lust after range from Jennifer Lawrence to my perfectly imperfect best friend. As we lie in bed my chest pressed tightly to her back there's nowhere else I'd rather be. The sweet smell of her skin envelops my whole being and I yearn for just a taste of her lips. And the though of it kills me.
cantlovealone cantlovealone
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014