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My First Love

if been a girls not hard enough try been a gay one as well , in was about twelve when i started to read steal my brothers pornogaphy mags vidieos , dvds and started taking notice of my older sisters friend jane, she was a beautiful girl and still is . one weekend she was staying over and as my room was the only one with a spare bed she shared my room all was going good , talking laughing gigeling untill she found a lesbian video my hart just droped ididnt know what to say, jenny said that she'd never seen one before , and of cause i said the same , im not sure how that got here , so she put the movie on and jumped into my bed , now jens about 4 years older than me , and nearly developed into a woman, i had probbley only ***********  mabe10 times but i knew i was wet and ready, when she grabed my hand and ran it through her pubic hair its a feeling i can still remeber  and wont forget , i wont go into that night any more  but 2 years later our relationship was still just between us , untill that dreadfull day mum walked in on us , naked 69 position oral sex fingers the works , cuming and covering up at the same time it was a treible time  but we ended up moving in with each other for a while , then she started bring home older girls and i was left out.

trudy91 trudy91 16-17, F 4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

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It's okay that ur a lesbian, ur really beautiful any girl will be honored to have you in their lives just give it some time, talk to ppl.

i know how you feel or how you've felt ..i've been used so many times it's unbelievable ; try beinn' led on for 6 months then dropped completely's nahh funn & it hurts. ; sorry that happened to youu ; you are too beautiful to give up on love though. <3

i had the same thing with my first female love, our relationship was put on hold as she fell in love with my dance teachers wife. I was devistated. But I healed somewhat, and moved on. Next my most recent gf was still in love with her old best friend from middle shcool, and my best friend at the time. its all, bad but im staying positive and hoping to one day find that "one"

Keep the faith...