Whats Wrong With Me

Ive known my whole life what i was for god sakes my mother was one to for 17 years of my life

my aunt hates them and ive yet to tell her whats going on with me but i am sorta by i do like guys sometimes mostly i like looking at girl pics on the web

i have a grlfriend ive had for 6 years we are so in love right now i hope to get married to her soon by for now

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It is so cute you found someone so perfect congrats

aww this is so beautiful! you are so lucky to have someone to love you!Wish you happines!!!!!

Wishing you lifelong happiness! :-)

Not being rude or anything I jus thought u can't get married they dun have the stuff or something, I dun really know Im jus asking.

Not everywhere but yes in some contents, and states you can

That's sounds so beautiful, I wish that I was in a relationship like that, I'm so ready to find love like that and god I would be so happy and proud to be getting married to a girlfriend!<br />
<br />
Anyway when I told my mum that I like girls instead of boys, she didn't react badly, however she does try to change my mind and set me up with guys.<br />
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I simply told her that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions and that if I was to find another girl who loved me that I would be lucky to find love at all.<br />
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I think the approach you should take towards explaining yourself to others is, that love is so precious and hard to find, so why would you or should you, give it up for others opinions on whether its normal or not? And tell them that they don't have to like it, but they have to still love and support you, regardless of who you love.

sounds wounderful

That's good, love is love regardless of gender. If you two really love one another, I hope you are able to get married.