16 & Pregnant

      I'm Steffany, 15 and Pregnant living in San Diego and this is My Story. I meet my boyfriend David when i was 13 year old & he was 15.
We been together now for 2 years, 2 month.  Are life has been a roller-coaster so many problems in our life but that another story.
Well i just found out that I'm pregnant.  I'm Scared to tell my parents because i been pregnant before (with the same guy) and my mom made me have a abortion. And this time i don't want to. Everything Change Since my 1st abortion i was going to have 3. And i Now if i Tell Her I'm Pregnant She Will Want Me to Have a abortion or kick me out. . . . . . . .
Im 2 month pregnate going into 3 and i havent told my mom yet. my belly is getting bigger and i dont now what to say or do anymore. Me & my boyfriend keep fighting and arguing over little things. We are planning to my Boyfriend (David) Parents first and she if they will understand and let me move in there house till my mom cools down, and dosent bring up the abortaion. Im Really Scared to tell them i fell like they are going to hate me and wont ever want to hear about me again.
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Hi there! My name is Laura and I too am a teen mother. I am in school in Amsterdam currently and I am doing a research project on teen motherhood and how to diminish negative stereotypes about us. The survey is very quick and if you are American and a teen mother it would mean so much to me if you could complete it.<br />
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Thank you so much in advance!

you don't have to get an abortion even if your parents say you do. you have the right to refuse it. or you could wait until your 3rd month to tell your parents because you can't get an abortion after the first trimester (3rd month)

i think you should just go ahead and tell your parents. Whether she understands or not she needs to know. As for you, you should keep your head up and just try and make things work with the father. let him know that you don't need the stress right now that all you need is him by your side and to support you. You two should both go when you tell your parents that your pregnant as well as when he tells his parents your pregnant. both of you need to be present in the reveling because both of you are responsible. You should not have to do any of this alone. Plus i'm sure you're going to need doctors visits to make sure the baby's okay and to make sure that your okay. Be safe about the situation.