38 Weeks And 4 Days Pregnant With Aloura (:

I'm Allie! I'm 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant with a baby girl. I am married to the father and high school sweetheart, Brennan and we are naming our baby girl, Aloura Jane Harper. My husband picked out "Aloura", because he has a little sister and she has cancer and her favorite Disney princess is Aloura from sleeping beauty. I picked out Jane, it's my dead grandmas name and I miss her so much. Then Harper is our last name. I'm excited for Alouras arrival, though a little nervous and scared. I never thought I'd be 17 and pregnant, I always thought some redneck trashy girl at my school would be pregnant way before me. But it can happen to anyone, I was the captain of the volleyball team, student council, student body president, pitcher on the softball team, honor student, and I'm now going to be a senior next fall with a baby. Aloura is due June 29 and I'm having all sorts of back and side pains and I am ready to get her out! My husband and I aren't going to have anymore children after Aloura anytime soon until we are settled down and have good jobs after high school and college. I'm the schools "pregnant *****" and I'm always given dirty looks and laughed at by some kids who don't even know me, my true friends are always here for me and im really thankful for that! My husband is the captain and wide receiver for the football team and he isn't teased or made fun of from my point of view, he's not the "baby daddy" of the pregnant *****, he's still just a regular guy at school he just holds my hand and loves me and no one treats me bad when he's around. He's always there for me though, he holds my hand through everything and he's my bestfriend, I tell him everything and I'm glad I can count on him. We can't wait for Aloura to come into our lives. (:
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this story is old but i love how he picked Aloura that is adorable. Hopefully his little sister overcomes cancer.

That's precious , idk what I would do without my husband either <333

So, what's the update on your story now? It seems so loving and caring and sort of shocking with all the statistics. I'm very happy for you guys. :)

Your story - and so your life - is really sweet. Aloura is such a lovely name. It's a kind of flower isn't it? Anyway, you both sound like hard working, brilliant people and I can just tell by the fact that you've been responsible in your school life and by wanting to work hard, that you're going to be amazing parents and awesome adults. I wish you good luck with baby Aloura and hope she doesn't drool on your homework too much when you're a senior! :) x