Mum At 15

so im 15 and im a yummy mummy, the months that have gone by have been really good, i know i've lost some people who mean the world to me but now i can now say that i have a gorgeous little girl who is everything to me. Me and her daddy are so proud to say yeah, shes ours made that. I've lost some of my friends because of daisy but i couldn't care less, i have a gorgeous little girl and i'm with the guy i love i still have my best mates who have helped me through this and my mum dad and my older sister. My little brother and sister are so happy that they have a new member to the family as a year ago my older sister had a baby when se was 18 so she's helped my through this alot, i just wish i could say the same my my big brother, he's now stopped talking to me because he was getting **** from his mates so he felt the the best thing to do was to leave me out of his life. Its rather sad really because now he'll never know about daisy so i do feel sorry for him as she is the perfect and i am rather happy to say she's mine. so at the end of the day get on with your life and **** the haters, do whatever makes you happy and if people dont like it well let them get on with it and just be happy with what you'r doing
daisy leigh woods born at 11:12 pm she's 7lbs 7oz so proud of her i just cant say it enough
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Aw congrats :) so many people just don't understand that having a baby can be an amazing blessing :) my name is Ellie and I have two four month old twins so if you ever want to chat message me! :)

awh, she is the best thing thats ever happend to me and i wouldn't change one thing about my life, awh, congratulations, we'll have to talk sometime :)