I Never Thought It Would Happen

I had been with my boyfriend for a year. I found out i was pregnant when i was 16, which is my junior year. My mom didn't really care for him, but what mom likes their daughter;s boyfriend. I told ronie(my boyfriend) nad  he didn't take it hard at all. Telling our parents was a different story. That was desaterious, but now its all good. I had a baby girl sept. 22, 2006 her name is trisha nicole lennex. i love her to death. i go to school and am apllying to a art college. my boyfriend provides for both trisha and i and he loves her to death. it may sound nice but trust me its dosen't always sound this good 
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Okay so you most envee me a TON! because first of all you have an account on here pretending to be me, and writting stories saying that "you hate fakers" and then you add me to that saying that i faked my pregnancy and everythinng! you are very low. i went throught 9 months of ups and downs! 9 months of doctors appoitments! 9 months of having my cervix checked. imthe one who went to the hospital and pushed an 8lb 7oz baby out of my vagina! im the one who sat at the hospital and cried hwn my son had meconium asperation when he came out and didnt breath & had to be air lifted to another hospital with a NICU! im the one who got deprressed because i didnt hole me baby for 3 days and didnt get to bring him home for 2 weeks! im the one who gets up all hours of the night to feed a crying baby! im the one who is raising this child! not YOU honey! Can anyone/everyone report her ---> "kayytiee" <--- spelt just like that! you can add me on facebook and confirm this with me if youd like!<br />
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THANK YOU.<br />

I have a friend, she is seventeen and has a 4month old little girl. Everyone around her has tried so hard to make it easy that she has become quite dependant as a mother... Its only easy when your support system makes it easy! Please make sure you aren't letting your boyfriend do all the supporting just in case you are one day forced independant and cannot handle the responsibility alone..

I guess you've probably learned a lesson that underage sex could lead to such things and I'm personally glad for you that you did the right thing by claiming this as your own mistake and not make the baby pay for your actions by being aborted. Props to you.

i dont kno why people criticize. so how come in certain times teen moms actually take care of their kids while "mature" adult moms abandon and abuse their childs and let their present boyfriends abuse and rape them? age dont matter of how good a mom is. yeah is a different story if the teen is like 12 - 14 but most of my friends who had kids are doing good in school and graduating with high GPAs. dont criticize unless you've lived their life. cuz no one is perfect and experience makes it better.

Proud!?? Are you kidding me? Do you realize that this girl is just a kid herself how is she supposed to raise one? Theses teen moms are raising "our future" <br />
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I'm scared to see what this world will be like in another 20 years...

Ok well first of all not to be like a ***** or anything but u make havin a kid sound easy next time u tell your story you may want to add in what the costs are and that you do lose alot but you gain more when girls read your story they will think ok well everything will be great if i have a baby and thats not the reality believe me i kno my brother was a teen parent i saw him stuggle!

Stay away from Sex.

You've taken on quite a load of responsibility with baby, school, and all. I think your parents should be proud! And what I like about your story is that your young boyfriend is accepting his share of responsibility, too!! You have won half the battle right there!! Both of you are remarkable examples that unexpected situations can be delt with if determined and supportive enough!! To be sure, there will be tiring and troublesome times, but from your story I bet ya'll will make it!!! Good luck!!