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So i am 19 years old and i have a 15 month  old daughter. I am engaged to her father and we've been together for 2 years and three months..that's right i got pregnant after only 3 months of wasnt easy when i found out i was pregnant and i was very ashamed of myself. i didnt even know, i was so nieve..i was so sick, throwing up all the time..ALL THE TIME, finally my mom said that is it..tomorrow you're taking a pregnancy test...pregnant.? i thought i was dying of some sort of stomach flu..but everything went fiance took it well, he came to every doctors apt. and was in the delievery room when i had her..he was also great the first two months, changing diapers..getting up in the middle of the night..hasnt done a thing since though..i mean he's still great..plays with her all the time, and she loves him...but that still leaves me to do all the hard work...diapers, feedings, baths,  all of it..i dont mind, i love taking care of my daughter but every so often i start feeling like i have a million and one things to do and he could  help..i could have 10 loads of laundry to fold and she'll start screamin about something or other, and what does he do..babe, can you get her? i cant hear my video game...ARE YOU SERIOUS? but i take a deep breath and get her..why cuz i hate fighting with him..and what's even worse, his mom...she acts like im an idiot and dont know how to do anything...i work full time, and take care of your son and grand daughter when you arent pretty sure i can handle it..just yesterday i was getting ready to take my daughter outside to play and it was rather breasy so i was carrying her around looking for her jacket and i hear...ohhhh you better put a coat on her, and i respond, im looking for it...what do i hear, im sure you were i wasnt i lied..she drives me nuts..on top of the fact that everytime we stay over to his moms she'll clear out my daughters diaper bag of clothes and wash them, then hide them in her room so she can keep them at her house..cuz ya too dumb to pack a proper diaper bag as well..i just needed to vent a not sure how much sense this makes but i feel better now so...haha...but if you can relate., deff comment or message could rele use someone who's going through something similar to talk to..
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Wow, have you been watching my life or something? Haha sounds just like me. I had my son when I was 15, his dad and k were together for 10 months at that time. His mom annoys the **** outta me but then again my mom is even worse! I am now 18 with a job, done with school, my son is 2&1/2 and his dad and I have been together for 4 years. It has been crazy but I love both of them. I just wish grandmas saw how annoying they are. I always tell my mom you had your chance to parent three times this is my time...

I know how you feel I deal with it all the time same scenario but sometimes we just have to brush it off our shoulders because at the end of the day nobodys perfect and grandmothers have in there head that nobody can take care of there grandkids like they can but a mothers love heals all

This honestly made my night. Although I can tell it bugs you, I love how real u put it. I can relate on half of ur story.. It just seems that my boyfriend does all the playing and joking around with our 5 month old daughter but when it comes down to the crying, the diaper changes and cleaning up around the house he RARELY does or i have to ask him 10 times. I think thats just men for ya! lol but when it all comes down to it.. your all healthy and blessed and happy to have a family and such love in it. Thats how I like to think of it anyway. As for your fiances mom... she sounds really friggen annoying lol I can't relate to that but try to prove her wrong or try to talk to her about it or even your fiance and see what they say.<br />
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Good luck !!

Hi everyone. My name is Laura and I too am a teen mother. I am in school in Amsterdam currently and I am doing a research project on teen motherhood and how to diminish negative stereotypes about us. The survey is very quick and if you are American and a teen mother it would mean so much to me if you could complete it!<br />
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Thank you so much in advance!

i understand you perfectly sometimes you just need to let her out my daughters grandmother is the same way i try to ignore her because we are the ones there with the babies 24.7 their opinions are bull!!

you shouldnt let your mother in-law do that to you..and you fience should put down his game and pick up his baby...i mean come on you werent the only one who made her...what kind of father picks a game over his baby girl anyhow??but anyways just thought i would tell you what i think..

tell your ***** mother in law how you feel and that it's your baby and she has no right to treat you like this