Teen Mom: What It's Really Like!

Okay guys so I just wanna write something about my day in a life as a teen mom and my thoughts ! And I wanna tell to all of those teenagers who wanna get pregnant that they should think about something else..like clothes, school, boys and music! lol

Ok so my son Braiden goes to sleep at 7 pm after being feed, me and his father Nathe have dinner at 7.30 pm. At 9 pm me and Nathe are in front of the television and around 9.30 pm Braiden wakes up. He takes his bottle and we change his diaper. Around 11 pm he's in his crib (crying most of the time) and around 11.20 pm he's out.

We go to sleep around 12/1 am and around 2.30 am Braiden wakes up, he takes his bottle and we (I mean, I) change his diaper. He wakes up every 2/3 hours at night and it's not funny at all! lol

Nathe goes to work at 9 am and I wake up around 8 am to make Nathe's breakfast. Around 9.30 Braiden wakes up and he has his bottle and his diaper change. We play a little bit and sometimes my mom comes visit us! We go out for lunch around 2.30 pm and then we go back home and Braiden has a nap untill 4 pm. While he sleeps I clean the house, I do some housework, I prepare dinner, I do the loundry and I take a shower (but must of the time Braiden wakes up and so I can't take that shower). Nathe comes home around 5.30 pm and then he makes Braiden's bottle and he change his diaper. Around 7.30 we have dinner.

I haven't the social life I had before and I'm sad when I think about it.. I'm sad when I think about high-school, about proms, about the football matches and stuff like that. I can't relate to my old friends anymore: the things they talk about, the clothes they wear, the parties.

Braiden's a good little boy most of the time, but like any baby, he has his moments. When he cries in public, I really cringe, because I feel under a lot of pressure to be a perfect mom. If he acts up, or if he falls over and bumps his head, I always think people are looking at me as if to say, "It's because you're a teenager."

In truth, though, I think I'm a great mom, and I know that my son is crazy about me. I definitely don't want to promote teen pregnancy; believe me, it's not easy at all. You see on TV and it seems so easy, but you actually live it.

But I truly believe that having Braiden has made me into a better person. And I'd like the world to know that teenage moms can be every bit as caring, loving, and perfect or imperfect as any other mother. We're parents too, and we're just like other parents -- only a little bit younger and with a little bit more to learn.


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Hi! I'm new here and I have a daughter who is currently 3 and I'm 16 currently ...can you just help me how to take better care of her! Thank you so much! - Samantha

I'm 14 and pregnant , what should I do?

Well there are 3 options you can consider: abortion (I'm against it), adoption or keep it.

But it's just up to you choose the best one for you and most important for your baby.
But first of all, tell your parents and baby's father about your pregnancy and then try to find a solution.
Remember that no matter what your decision will be, your life will be changed FOREVER.
Good luck honey, be free to message me anytime if you'd like to talk to someone with experience or just a friend :)

Great story. :) or schedule i should say lol. how old is mr Braiden? My son is 2 he was always a great baby never really cried a lot and was basically always smiling. well that all changed as he got into toddler years and figured out how to get anything and everything he wants. I hate going to the store now because if he sees something he wants he is bound to throw a fit meaning everyone starts staring at me. then i'm like well if i yell at him or spank him they think i'm a bad mom but if i just keep going and let him throw a fit i'm also a bad mom....oh well i let anyone think whatever they want because i personally know that i'm a good mom ecspecially for being 15 when i had him!! I've seen a 20 some year old mom hit her kid (kind of related to her...well bf is kind of) and just start cussing at her daughter because she is crying. it is sad because i was 15 and wasn't like that ever. idk guess it depends on the mom and how you "fix things" sounds like you are doing perfectly fine though.

Thank you! Braiden's 2 month and 16 days old :) I'm afraid about the toddler years, I mean I have friends who have toddlers and they are teenagers like me and their kids drive them crazy!! I see them and they are like animals lol Anyways Braiden is a good baby for his age and I'm very glad about it!

that is how my son was he was a good baby & still is good for being two. i mean his cousins (my nieces are way worse which is why i'm glad i didn't have a girl) some things that they have done....cut their own hair(2yrs old), take finger nail polish to a brand new flat screen tv(2yrs old), hide in the dryer(1yr old), took her grandma's (from her mom's side) glasses and snapped them in half, talk back. lol. my son is pretty good the only thing "bad" he does is cry/throw a fit if he doesn't get his way. but i think Boys are better behaved then girls they are just slower....so idk maybe their terrible twos come later then girls since they are later at almost everything.