Saw Someones Story, So I Thought Id Do One Too.

Day with Avery. Our Day.

I will wake up around 7am grab a quick shower before Avery wakes up.
Between 7:45-8am Avery will wake up and I will feed her and change her diaper and from PJS to normal clothes.
Around 9am everyone in the house will wake up.
My sister goes to work at 10am, then on its just me and Avery.
Around 10:30am Avery will have a hours nap until her therapy worker Alison comes around at 11:35am..
Avery and Alison will have a hour session what gives me chance to tidy up before my sister and her son come back from nursery and work.
Around 1pm, Avery will get fed again, after being fed she will have a bath to relax her body and then when she comes out she will have floor time. This is were Avery has to lie down flat on her tummy and have 5 toys in front of her and it helps try and get her to move. 
After all this is brings up too 3:30pm and then she will go down for another nap. Normally she only naps for half hour the second time so in that half hour i try and do what i can of my online classes. 
(If this is a weekend at half 2 my fiancé Mike would be around).
At 4;30pm, Me and Avery take a walk to my mothers and spend time there until half 6, when my dad comes home from work and takes us home. 
At 7pm Avery will have a night feed before taking her up into her room, Avery will go down to bed at 7:25pm and will lie in bed for a hour until 8:30ish-pm and eventually fall asleep. She doesn't cry why shes on her own, which is a bonus, why shes lying down i will be in the room opposite her doing more online classes. Avery will go to sleep from about 8:30pm till 11pm wake up then have a drink and a diaper change and fall asleep around 12 after having mommy and Avery cuddles, and then she will wake up and the routine will start again.
Some days are different, it all depends.

Avery is 15 months old and doesn't speak or walk, she crawls.
She is having therapy for all of these and tests for autism.

My days can be good and can be bad. Going though this at a young age, isn't any fun.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Wow. sounds like you have a pretty good schedule going on. I've never been like that from the day my son was born we just did the day however it went. haha. but as he got older (now 2) i realized i can't do that he needs a schedule so i finally did it. & my son started walking at 14 months so maybe she is ok just behind a little? and my son also talks late. he is two and says very few words but we had him evaluated and they said he is alright he is just not ready to talk which is perfectly fine they told me most kids don't really really talk until about 3. but you can talk to me whenever. I am a teen mommy of a two year old. :)

Wow I hope you find out the real diagnose. And hopefully everything turns out right for her.