I'm A Dad Now What Do I Fucken Do?!

well i moved to a different country, i lived in japan for almost my whole life until the tsomi killed my sister (who ended up living). i was born in San Francisco, California so all i knew was how to speak english and japanese. well i moved to Seoul, South Korea, where my cousent lived. i was pretty down in the dumps one day because i finnaly came up with the one though in my head. i am alone. my older brother commeted suiside, my oldest sister was killed, and i've only meet my little sister once. if you were wondering about my parents, i was abussed along with my sister so we moved. well anyways, when my couset went out to work i snook out and went to a club, you know to releve that stress. well it apperes some clubs in korea let in under age kids go in since i was only 13 at that time. i started danceing and yea, i had a few drinks but i still knew what i was doing. then i saw this girl, WOW. i started dancing with her, and we started to talk. it turns out she was from the states too, and she was moving to Seoul in 2 months time. well clearly, i had a thing for her, and she did. so things got more intamet between us, we started kissing and all, exchanging phone numbers. well by nature, i wanted her right, she was almost bagging for it herself to. so we went into the washroom and you know... did it. but she made me promis that i would date her when she moved.

so 2 months passed, i broke up with my girlfriend for her (who i meet not long after her so we dated about 3 weeks durp) and we had a great relashionship.

then suddenly one date she told me she wasn't feeling well. i thought it was only natural since she was ganing waight so quickly. little did i know i was going to become a father at only 14. she was pregnet, and i had no idea how. i though she cheated on me at some point but my friend and her, and the doctores told me i was the only possible father.

she was 7 monthes and 2 weeks when i made a slip in my life. all i did was got out to hang out with my friends. i just had a few drinks, and i just so happened to meet my ex girlfriend that i had left my girlfriend for. she was worryed i was going to cheat on her. she got all mad and kicked me out of our apartment. she told me she no longer wished to have my child, and wished i would just die. so i moved back in with my cousent and did what my girlfriend wanted... or ex girlfriend now.

2 weeks later her water broke. i was in school when i got the news. she was a month early, so i had no idea what we were going to do. she had a baby girl. she named her Hyun Jae Oh-Suzuki (we combined our last names). her means beauty and honer. well she told me she didn't want the baby so i could have her or put her up for adopton. so i disited to keep her. my sister (who turned out to be alive) wanted a child. (she is gay so she can't have one but she has tryed other things) so i disited, once the baby grows up just a little more i will bring her to my sister and she can help me raise her.

so right now Hyunjae and me are living at my cousent's house. my cousnt's wife (who just so happens to be my sister in law too...long story) is helping me raise her. but how that i'm here.... i have no idea what i'm doing at all. i'm a single 14 year old dad, rasing a baby almost by myself, what should i do?
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The most important thing is to continue being there for her no matter what. Talk with her, play with her, and love her. Its not easy, but it is so worth it in the end. I commend you on deciding to keep your baby. Most men would walk out on their children, but you are a wonderful exception to the rule. Good luck. If you have any questions, you can email me.