How My Life Changed

i got pregnant when i was just only 13 years old i didnt know what to do or who to turn to i was so devistated like i thought i was loosing myself to the world. so i had my beautiful daughter at the age of 14 on december 4,2011. i mean what can i say she is my world my smile my everything like idk what i would do if i wake up one morning and my baby is not by my side. my baby father is sop horrible wen i was pregnant he hit meeh kicked meeh in my stomach but i thank god each n everyday that my daughter came out unharmed. but as for my baby father i love him but i jjust cant stand him most of the time i mean he is a good person when he wants to be but thats rarely. all i can pretty much say is that i love my beutiful daughter n she is the best thing that had ever happended to meeg in my whole entire life of living...
DezyMonay DezyMonay
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I'm not the one to judge but you should consider start praying more for you're baby and you're partner I understand you love him but its not worth getting hit and you don't want you're baby girl to see that sit down and talk to him seriously and try to work stuff out because you're daughter needs the love of her dad as well not just mommy