My Little Angel.

Dominic carter haff..
8 pounds 9 ounces, April 4th 2012, 720 pm.
I was in labor for 12 hours.. i pushed for 3 hours.. I ended up getting a csection because he was coming down sideways. The first time i hear his cry was the moment my life changed forever.. He is my little angel and i love him more then i could ever love anything else..

This is MY story.
I was having trouble in highschool in ninth grade so my mom decided to put me in an ulternitive school. That was where i met the father of my child.. and my first love.. We had amazing times together no doubt about that.. The first time i met him my eyes lit up and i wont ever forget that feeling... Then about 4 months later i found out i was pregnant.. and to answer your question.. No we didnt use protection. and yes in ways i do regret it..
The babys dad was with me threw thick and thin in the begining.. i was very scared to be so young and pregnant. but i loved my baby.. On october 29th i found out i was having a little boy... Exactly what i wanted.. I named him Dominic Carter, and he is now the love of my life.
2 days before my due date i was cheated on.. it broke my heart... we are currently trying to work things our for our sons sake.. but i feel like he doesnt want to.. I do love him because weve been together for the past year.. but im not inlove with him anymore.. what should i do??

On better terms.. I got induced on april 4th 2012, and my baby was born that night by cesarean. (: i was in love. but 4 days later i found out i had to go back into surgery because my blood levels were low.. I was on my death bed and i didnt even know it. When i got out of surgery i woke up in ICU.. they told me they took 3 liters.. 3 LITERS! of blood out of my stomach.. i had 8 blood transfusions and i dont remember barely any of those 4 days before the 2nd surgery..  but after that i was up and walking the next day! i got to hold and cuddle my baby boy for the first time sence he was born..

He is now 7 weeks old and he is sleeping soundly next to me as i type his story.. He is the best thing a young mom like me could ever ask for... and i love him unconditionally. 
This is my story..
and its not over yet... <3

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He sounds like an angle and no matter what Love life! You are very strong and your life sounds awesome!!!