Teen Mom At 18

I was 17 when i got pregnant and the guy i slept with left me the day after I got pregnant. When it came down to it I thought the best thing for my child was to put them up for adoption since I was young. While going through the adoption process my child's father was to be notified so he could either agree with it or not. So we talked about it and he didn't agree with it and told me he was going to get custody of my child and that was the last thing I wanted. So at that point i knew i was going to keep my son which made me happier than ever, because I knew that I would in the end keep him. I was due in October and school was already started so I wasn't attending until after i had my son. So while I sat home and my sister was at school everyday I would get a text from my sis and friends about how the father of my son was saying I was a ***** and that the baby wasn't his. And every time I heard about him saying something it hurt. After my son was born we started getting texts from my sons father's mom saying she was going to come to the hospital and take my son, and my son was in NICU for a week. So after hearing that nobody was allowed to see him unless they were with me because I was going to do anything to protect my son. After he was out of the hospital and home safe I turned 18 and was drug into court. But I'm being strong for my son and I'm fighting to protect him, hes my world and I'm happy to be his mommy. I have the most supportive family, since day one my mom, dad and sister have been there for me, they bought baby clothes, diapers and more for me when i didnt have the money to buy it. My mom and sister throw me a surprise baby shower. And when i went back to school to graduate my mom stayed home and watched my son for me. I couldn't ask for a better family for me and my Wibbles(a nick name i gave my son).
Sun876 Sun876
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012