Dallas And Andrew: Teen Parents Of Baby Declan

My name's Dallas (Dalis) and I'm Declan's mom. Me and his father aren't together anymore. I'm 17.

Declan was born on Dec. 14th 2012 at 5.33 am, we were all super excited to meet him. I'm from Martinsburg (WV) and I live with my mom Carol, my sister Maggie, my stepdad Luke and my dog Sam.

We all love Declan and before I got pregnant all my family loved Andrew... then they knew that he didn't go to school and every now and then he used drugs. I knew about that but I wanted to keep the secret.

When I found out I was prego he told me he hadn't enough money to support us and so he left. After about 2 months later he told me he was clean and he wanted to raise that baby with me... I trusted him and after 6 months he told me he was unhappy with me.

I gave birth to my son with out him. He went to see Declan 3 days after his birth. He told me he didn't like the name "Declan" and he pissed off because I gave Declan's my last name. My stepdad had to kicked him out of our house.

Now he pays $ 150 a month for Declan- actually his parents pay for him.

I'm a teenager mother and I do ot regret my son but I hate with all of my heart his dad. Andrew is dating to another girl and this makes me sad and hungry as well. She knows about Declan and she told him she doesn't want him to see his son.. sorry girl but are you kidding me? I mean he is his son, his flesh and blood... I'm speechless.

Anyways I really would like to meet new friends and if you have any questions message me anytime. :)
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Jan 15, 2013