Everyone round here seems to be goin on about how they think their vampires and are blood thursty ..i seem to be realy confused and i dont believe any of this chatter,i thought vampires are not real!?but as ive been reading ive relised that most of the things you lot said are what is happening to me ...i stay awake all night and love the scent of blood,i seem to feel itchiness in ma gums when i c blud!would someone tell me if that is a sign to being a vamp or if not how could i become one!i love vampires and i think they are realy cool...:)
bloodthursty13 bloodthursty13
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me too

The Vampire. not real those teeth are cool though

Hi..bloodthirsty 13 best place to start with your Dentis plop down a cool maybe 2. to 4 thousand Dollars you got to have those teeth dig them crazy teeth you could freak some girls out that could get some of that P thang going for you I don't think your parents wll go for that you would come closer to getting a car or. Truck if your the. age you or they say you there a nother way to get what is get a J O B yeah right you are probeley saying unless your parents are rich that the only unless you have pretty cool Uncle

Going off traditional Romanian folklore about vampires, if you're bloated, purple skinned, cannot stand sunlight and don't have a reflection, you're a vampire - and judging by the distinct lack of purple skinned heliophobics running around, I'd say vampires don't exist.