Tell Me Please ?

Okay, well...

I've been wondering for so long now and I need the honest truth, not just story telling and people living in their own little fantasy worlds.

Do vampires actually exist? Are the supernatural blood suckers actually roaming this very earth? Are they not a myth? Feel free to tell me hehe. I am just so freaked out, I mean, all these stories on here about vampires, everyone really are dead serious about this and I am actually starting to believe people are telling the truth, vampires exist.....?

I went on this website called Strange Horizons and I found this poem called "The Vampire Astronomer" and it's about (obviously) some blood sucking astronomer, and someone had left a comment saying "A vampire astronomer? Even if there were no such thing, this poet would make me want to believe there was.." - it's almost like that person is hinting at something, the way they said 'Even if there were no such thing.." you get what I'm saying? He's basically saying "If a vampire astronomer didn't exist. I'd still like to believe there is." does everyone on that website know the vampire astronomer, like they've had spooky nerdy encounters with him or something? It's suspicious and I want answers.

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I wish I could bite your neck. :(

Ah...come on...just one bite on ya neck...I won't be vicious, I promise.. ;)

It'll feel good..

Don't be freaked out, but yes, we exist. But we do not all suck blood. I feed on aura( spiritual energy). Friend me so i can tell you more

First, don't believe all the stereo types, and yah, we have fangs but like in the movies, just elongated canines that are sharp, and no, we don't all have red eyes, for instance, mine are hazelnut

I'm a vampire we are everywhere I'm from the underground I just came out 2 days ago and revealed myself I'm very old in spirit I'm still sketchy about revealing to humans I only came out for a mate but I kinda like hearing mine and other kinds stories and yes movies stereotype us but we are strong, fast, and crave don't judge by appearance I'm skinny in this body but I can lift a 400 pound person of my back if I've got my drink.

Ok then you don't have to make me feel inferior or anything if I wanted to intimidate you I would

Ok I'm old you said trembles in fear I'm in one of those as you say wtf moments

No no no don't be sorry I'll take the blame I miss interpreted it I'm am sorry

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