Vampires are just legends to scare children *******, vampires have never and will never exist, that's all legend. Neither vampires nor werewolves or witches that ever existed. If ever there is proof that all that existed in good climb through the ceiling and casa.Loucos fools are those who believe that are beyond the normal vampires go out there and seeming mental debil drinking and killing people. Vampires, werewolves, witches and all that usually never do a misfortune rituals or anything you guys end up deluding themselves. If someone offended you I apologize but to serious.
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I seen a witch mate, A vampire too, but never a were wolf, Also I agree, Lots of idiots on this idiotic group. Specially wiccans and wanna be vamps,wolfs,demons,etc..

Witches are real! Ever heard of Wicca? I am a wiccan its an actual religion.

And so ultimately I think seeing it with my own eyes.

I'm just expressing my point of view about such beings because no one had ever seen them. And after all I'm not afraid of it because they are just fictional stories that you guys ae teenagers are creating. sorry if I offended anyone but I'm just stating my point of view.

how do you want us to prove it to you (and please don't say the obvious...u know what i mean...)?

No one has scientifically proved either non~existing or existing yet, so your point is?..

Look hun,if you can prove all these creatures aren't real,then don't say **** about 'em. Got it?

Kid, you don't believe in us and you're entering all of our groups? Don't you have anything better to do?

Excuise me,sir. This point has already been made but I figured I'd restate it. If you do not believe in us,then get out of our groups. I'm sick and tired of trolls coming and saying they know everything. Its rather annoying. Should you actually know what you are talking about,you wouldn't have the nerve to post anything like this garbage. I know this is a public site but did you really feel the need to post this? Are you that bored with your life? I realize you may throw that back at my face for commenting on this but the fact is,I am bored. Oh,I would also like to point out that you are just another human that doesn't know anything about the world around you. Now,I must return to training. Good night.

Excuse. My apologies,I spelled that wrong.

It's already been said but find you're own group ok, and here we go again most people say thing like this because the are jealous of us

Who are you calling a kid? You are underage yourself mate..

I'm just being fair is that none of this was never proven the existence of such beings even if it were true you swear that scientists have not discovered already?! There is nothing like that in my opinion

If you don't believe in us, don't come onto our groups. Find your own that believe in the same thing as you. You've only shared one story, so your soul reason for EP was to try and make us feel bad about ourselves? That's interesting

I do not believe so because until now no scientist proved the existence of vampires, or because they do not exist. I'm sorry you offended someone.

ok, if vampires are not real, why do you think we are all pissed off at you,and, in the words of the brilliant lady before me, its not our fault that you cant open your eyes to see the world around you