Thou Shalt Not Kill

hello. im not mensioning any names but i KNOW most of you are fake. i just don't like to be the giver of bad comments. a twilight fan may start replacing a light bulb but we all know that they will just start fighting over who wants to be mr/mrs cullen. a fake is predictable. we all know exactly what they are gonna say. you can sniff out a fake even if its covered in the stench of over heated "do". can you? no that isn't what im here to say. im here to tell all those kids (and adults) that becoming a vampire is not an easy job. this is only one reason,
okay, now im going to get very serious. what you are about to read is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. i sware. im proberbly going to get killed cos of my recent (and not so recent) posts on EP. you couldn't understand, even if you tried. here goes;

i am a vampire. i know your skeptical and thats a good thing, so thats why im gonna let you ask me anything you like. you name it but first i need to explain why i joined this group. i need blood (ofcourse) but i don't want to harm any living thing. i would get a doner but im scared incase i drink to much. scratch that im terrafied. im still changing, so the bloodlust isn't as bad as it would be for full vamps but that doesn't mean, i can control it. its been a couple of months since i last had blood and its killing me. atleast, it feels like it. i am normaly a great actress, i mean ive done live shows in theatre but im finding it hard to hide anymore. im finding myself, admiting to more and more stuff online. whenever i see red, my heart starts pounding (it hasn't stopped...yet) faster and faster. i stare at it as i see imerges flash infront of me, like a drive-in movie. the smell of people. oh god. im scared to hug my besties anymore. even a simple handshake makes me feel overwhelmed. in a classroom, its the worst torture you could ever imagine. i feel like i could just burst out in tears but it only holds as a half hearted defence towords the bloodlust. somtimes i want to die but i promised my self to never give in to either possobility. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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Hey so I wanted to ask you something but I can't message you

Are you able to turn people?

I\'ve never tried.

Hi my name is heather and im still trying to figure out if im a vampire my bff (werewolf) says i most likely am can u or suggest someone i go to for help please and no i a not a poser i sware. Im just looking for some help.

I don\'t know anyone apart from me. Message me and we\'ll talk further. :)

There are blood substitutes. A good quality dark chocolate -like lindt or dove- can help. Other vamps look for foods similar to blood, like soft-scrambled eggs. I have a recipe if you want to try it

its worth a try...go on...

Here is the egg recipe. If you'd rather have something without eggs let me know and I can PM you the other two recipes I have saved. I don't usually refrigerate mine as directed, I eat it while its still warm.

In a large bowl stir 2 ex large eggs until yellow and white are well mixed. Add 1 tablespoon brown or white sugar, mix. Add
one cup (8 oz) milk.

Put in microwave oven and cook for 8 minutes on cook power 3. (low energy). When the bell goes off, reach in and stir the
bowl with a fork. Then cook again for another 8 minutes on cook power 3.
You should have a "gelled" product, but it should be very softly gelled, and very smooth. Don't stick your spoon in it;
refrigerate it for about 2 hours until it sets up. suggested toppings: Maple syrup, Brown or caramelized sugar, cream, fresh fruit, crumb topping.

You could hunt animals, as some do.

ive thought about that but i don't think i can. i don't know what to do... :(