Grow Up.

Seek help, you guys. Seriously. There's no such thing as Vampires. It's a condition called Renfield's Syndrome. If you are REALLY a vampire, you would know off the top of your head where that term is coined. This fantasy is so rich in lore, it would be embarrassing for both of us if you just lived in your own hematolagnic little world. For some of you, I'm sure it's derived from sexual stimulation from vampiric lore during your development that evolved into obsession. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with you people.

Jesus Christ, you guys believe in Lilith too? Do you go to churches housed in the basement of the creepy gas station clerk who smokes behind the store?

With werewolves, there's a bit more simplicity to the matter. With vampires, there's all different types. So many that it's just absurd to believe that they can even exist. Is there just one type? If so, why is the mythology so greatly distorted between cultures? Are they just getting it wrong? If there is more than one type, then why are they different? Does evolution have an effect on them too?

How are you "born" a vampire? A vampire is a reanimated corpse. That's pretty much the only thing that's consistent between countries.

You guys seem to be stripping away all of the well-known lore to make it possible for you to believe that you are indeed a vampire.

What are the signs of vampirism? All I've heard from you people is that: A.) You like the taste of blood. B.) You are much more sensitive to sunlight. C.) You're born a vampire.

Problem with A.) That's been covered in psychology. Hematolagnia. Sexual arousal from the consumption of blood. Maybe you're not getting a hard-on every time you drink the blood you extract from your lip, but that's only because it's evolved into an obsession. Most anything can be linked back to sex. Problem with B.) I burn easy! I must be a vampire. Yeah. Or you could be Irish. That's one vampire that we seldom hear of. The Irish Vampire. (Fun Fact: Did you know Bram Stoker was Irish?). Problem with C.) There is no problem that I can cement through research. It's just stupidity. It contradicts the lore, and makes you look silly. HOW are you born a vampire?

This doesn't make any sense. What constitutes vampirism if you're not an unholy abomination born from the reanimated corpse of some poor sod. And your only means of prolonging your unnatural existence is to feed on the life force of people who are still living. Vampires are trapped in the nether of life and death. Above all else, that's what constitutes a vampire. If you're just born one, then that doesn't make any frelling sense! If you're born dead, I can get it. But you ain't growing up without a heartbeat and I don't see infants walking around trying to gum my neck open.

I can't believe I'm saying this... But the freaks claiming to be werewolves on this site make more sense than you people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Go and tell your parents that you're a vampire. They'd eventually commit you if you don't just grow out of it.
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Vampirism is actually partially a sexual attraction to vampires at least that's what I recall.

I know a girl that actually got sent to a mental institution because she was claiming she was a vampire and staying up all night to watch her parents and sister sleep...

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message me the rest of that story!

Wow calm the **** down mate and yea there is, fuckwitts like you just can't see them because ur solo dumb u would relize u had a penis so stfu!

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Don't do drugs, children.

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Jesus christ the **** here is so misguided.
Yeah, HEAPS of people suffer renfields syndrome, not gonna argue that because for the most part he's pretty much correct.

Idk, I'm not here to change your mind, I think you were fairly rational about the way you put this forward. I can explain to you how i think it goes, based on my own knowledge if you like.

I feel terrible for you sweet little human. tell me I need help . diagnose me with what you please, but I know what I am, I drink blood I am Victoria nice to meet you I am a vampire and if you can't believe that then that's your loss ... vampires are everywhere we are creatures of the night, although there are a lot of myths I don't explode in the sun, crosses burn me slightly and holy water can't save you, either can a bible I won't say what you have to believe but I will say I exist ...

Victoria here is also full of **** and abused me a bunch of times back in the day, Hey victoria. ;)

Who the eff asked you for your vampirefreaks profile description?


Because goth/roleplay/alternative communities aren't enough. Their delusions must infest and conquer EVERYTHING. All must suffer for their identity crisis!

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you didn't research this atall, did you?! ofcourse being a vampire, i know more about the subject than most fictional stories but some parts are true and you should of TAKEN MORE NOTICE. i don't have any of those vampiric conditions (i looked it up) and i had never even thought about vampires before i realised I WAS ONE. course if i tell humans in my nabourhood, they probs would commit me but that is not the scary part. the scary part is, what am i gonna do for blood. at the moment i survive on ROE DEER. they're not very big, only about hip hight but they'll do. sure you think you have never seen a vampire but I BET YOU HAVE!

I've seen pale people before. Same thing, right?

Okay, if I didn't research this at all; care to tell me what are the defining characteristics of a "real-life" vampire?

You'll just have to find donors. If you are legit then don't worry you'll find a way to feed most of us do until then do whatever seems to help. (Besides hurting people of course)