My Depreession Story

long story short.
it was a year and a half ago when i was only 14 and 1/2 soon turrning 15 * when i was depressed and suicidal * im know 16 years old* . i became depressed because my sister was abused by her boyfriend and she was kicked out of her own house with her 4 children . and she came over my house beaten and tears in her eyes and when i saw her i started to cry because i didn't want anyone to hurt me like she has been hurt and beaten , abused and i cried and cried for so long that a few days later one night i felt low and lonely and unwanted went into the kitchen and i grab a nice and i was about to slit my wrist and kill myself but i heard a voice in my thoughts that's said i don't have to do this so i put the knife down and i cried and the next day i went to church and i wanted to change my life and thats when i got baptized and became a Christian and i changed my life and i thank god for his help. now and days i still battle with being depressed but not as bad as it was before . it was worst. but i talk to therapist, family and friends i trust and God .
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im going through depression i dont know what to do i feel unwanted and unloved what should i do? your story was moving and i thank you for sharing it