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Your not a toy ANYMIRE... Your a loving caring girl to me and I'm happy to have you...

You were never a toy in the first place (I hate auto correct) I never saw you as one baby

I love you.... I hope hundreds SEE this... it'll change then

look im sorry! it never meant to happen!.... i just want this one chance please!.... i wont do it....

i know..... i just want to say sorry.... let everyone know it was me that was the stupid jerk that caused all of this madness

im a dam stupid jerk that never wanted all of this to happen!... its all my fault and im hurting myself because of it

i know it isnt... and its not helping my health either but still.... i deserve it all ok?..

its the best i have so far... i just posted up something

i cant...

it was the best i had at the moment

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What happened?

Ah... Yeah that can happen :/ and sadly especially at your age guys can fool you easy and when your back is turned they will snap your heart in two for someone else.

That's what teen love can do. I know my ex broke my heart when she cheated on me and I was so mad and upset that I didn't know what to do.

I know this may be rude of me but depending on it, it maybe harder.
How far have you gotten with him?

not that far and yes i know im that guy i never meant any of this

maybe we'll get farther again... it was a pain to go through all of that and i regret my mistake. im happy she gave me another chance

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