My Moms Best Friend

so im 18 and i am having an affair with my moms best friend. it started when she found out her husband was cheating on her. i was over at her house and was there to comfort her. and she just cried in my arms for about 30 min before i i sat her up and kissed her. she pulled away and told me that it was to wrong. i just let her cry for the next 2 hours before i went home. i came back the next day to see if she was ok. i knocked on the door and she said i could come in. i sat down on the couch and she walked out of her bed room naked. she said she was just nervous last night. so she walked over and sat on my lap and we started to makeout. i started to get really hard. she pulled my pants off and she was shocked at home big i am. she tried to get all 13 inches of my **** in her mouth. she gagged chocked on it untill she gave up. then she bent over and i started to **** her *** raw. i ****** her for about 50 min. i felt her **** being pushed back into her. i finnaly pulled out and she sucked my **** clean untill i came in her mouth. about 5 min after we were done she went and got dressed. i stayed there and watched a movie with her. we were cuddling and then after 20 min after the sex she **** her pants and pissed. and i got really turned on and then i pulled her pants off took her to her daughters room and grabbed on of her dippers from the closet. i ceaned her all up and now she is wearing dippers and i change her.
dipperwearingguy dipperwearingguy
18-21, M
Jun 4, 2012