Diving Head First Into The Unknown

My whole life has been lived out of duffle bags and grocery bags filled with personal trinckets. Grew up in california and when I was in 4th grade, I moved to Alabama. ever since then its been constant to and fro new cities and towns. eight different middles schools and four different high schools. my 9th grade year, we moved to a semi permanent location. so i garduated high school and now I live on my own. my mom moved away to a different state my senior year so i moved in with my grandparents. I felt like i was just going with the motion and I didnt feel alive. after high school i sat in my room all day doing absolutely nothing. my 18th birthday i slept all day. I was clueless as to what i was going to do. i finally went down to the local community college and that changed my whole life. when i was registering as a freshman i got offered a job at one of the student services office. i got the job!! i saved some paychecks and moved out of my grandparents home. my first place was horrid. never ever room with your best friend. trust me i did it twice!! im now living with my boyfriend of a year and our four beautiful kitties, Oryx, Kafka, Valentine, and Triska. I enjoy every minute of every day with them and I make damn sure I do. Having my own place is great. I can now choose where I live and not be dragged here and there and have someone making choices for me. My job is amazing! I have an awesome supervisor and such a wonderful coworker. I work hard to keep my grades up and I never go out really. I enjoy being at home or at work or the library. thats about it. This is great because alot of people my age cant have fun without moey. money for this and that and blah! im going to mortuary school in about a year and ive got a volunteer position lined up because of my supervisor. Being this young, 18, and living on my own is such an enriching experince. I learned alot about people and myself. You either flourish and handle it and continue in stride or the pressure and responsibilities get to u and you run back to what you had before. I cant run. I will go above and beyond to save the little family i have. I love my boyfriedn dearly and we love our kitties, i couldnt imagine being without them♥ through all the **** ive had to go through to get here ive had no one. I took care of my siblings(child of a single teen mom) and i took as best care for them as i could with the resources we had. Now, its time to take care of myself and make my own life. weave my own quilt. nothing is easy, and if its something worth having its something worth working for. I wont ever give up on my family♥
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1 Response May 24, 2012

It's very nice to hear a successful story of someone as young as you living on your own. I hope you continue to find happiness in your life, you deserve it!