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Hi I am Leon. I come from a small country in the Caribbean and This is my story...

I am a 6' 3" 13 year old and had lots of problems with what may be an undiagnosed case of Asperger's Syndrome...

When I was in 6th grade I knew I was not "normal" and one day I came across this article in the news paper about autism... And being curious to learn anything I started my research on it because the article kindda related tome. After 3 months of searching and learning I got tired of reading the same stuff on different websites and printing dozens of articles. In all those 3 months of research I came over this word "Asperger's" and only then noticed and there I started all over again.

As I continued my research of Asperger's Syndrome I would read and read and felt as though they knew me. (The research period for Asperger's Syndrome was 2 months). I soon found out that there were on-line tests which both said that I was very likely to be an ASpie. I also got depressed for about 2-3 weeks because of some stuff going on at school (my Mum and step-dad knew nothing)

7th Grade

After assuming i had found out what was wrong with me I would try to get my Mum and Step-father but I had NO idea how to bring up the topic. I kept silent. I then went in search of people who were like me on face book where I came across a group who helped me A LOT along the way.

To this day I still don't feel comfortable with talking to my parents because they ever really asked or sat down and talked with me :( . And because they always "put me down" They tell me that I have  no common sense, call me stupid and more I wont even say....

I cut it short but that was my story.
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Hi Leon, thank you for sharing your story! I created this Experience Group for fellow teenage Aspies to share their stories, so thank you for being the first to contribute! :)