My Beginning Of My Teens [ Painful Story]

i was 13 when i came to a new state and school too , i felt ignored , hated , talked on , i didnt know what makeup is i was so innocent so pure , they teached me to hate , to put makeup lots of it , to think bad things to speak bad words , and i fell in love with a popular guy when i was nothing at all in my new school , and he liked another girl , seeing them hugging infront of me and talking and that girl was frienly to me so she used to tell me what they talked , it tore my heart to piece i never felt pain to the much i cried everyday for 8 month , i never felt ok , alwayas pain , fear of being unpopular or not cute or whatveer , and now 2 years later when im now a popular girl sort of , loved , liked and respected and after i promised myself to never fal in love again , here im now crying stupidly over another guy , he isnt popular and he used to like me when i liked the hot guy , and he is not popular or cute but i love him , so i think he thinks he isnt good enough for me [ i got hotter and cuter these 2 years i totally changed] , and now in the new school year im 15 , well , he used to talk to me that guy at least on facebook and a little talk in classes , but now when he saw me walking with a guy from 3 days ago , he didnt answer my messges , didnt talk to me , ignored me and i felt like shi.t , i felt he is mad at me idk why , so today i walked with another guy THEY ARE ONLY FRIENDS not bf or anything lol , he acted worse , i send him 2 messges no answer i even talked to him in class also no answer nothing as if he doesnt consider me alive , is he jealous mad whatever what the hell has happened ?! i feel so desperate .. god help me :'(
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He is probably jealous. I would just be honest and ask him what's going on. Most guys prefer when a woman is honest with them even if they are upset with her in any way.