What A Weird Night

I just had the weirdest experience a few nights ago. My brother had his 14 year old friend sleep over. I was awake and I could hear them talking down the hall. They were talking about girls and the stuff they’ve done with them. I thought some of it was really funny but other stuff was kinda gross. Like how my brother had French kissed a girl and put his hand down the back of her pants. It sort of made me want to see what it felt like. Later that evening I got up t go to the bathroom. I saw my brother’s door open and Jeff his friend was touching himself while my brother slept. It looked like a big scary snake. Jeff looked right at me and I looked at him. We were both terrified. He tried to put himself back in his shorts but he was too big. I felt really weird inside. I was wet between my legs. It was soooo strange. I walked back to my room and left the door open so that maybe Jeff would come in. Seeing him like that made me really want to feel him like they said the other girls had. Well… he did come over. I laid on the bed in my nightie and white panties and looked at him as he stood in the doorway. He asked me if I was gonna tell. I said no. He wanted to know how he could trust me so I told him that we should make our own secret together so that he could be sure I would never tell. He sort of giggled and then came in and closed the door behind him. It felt nice when he put his hand in my panties. I liked it when he put his finger inside. He said I was really, really tight for a 13 year old. He played with me for a while and then I played with him. He did this really weird thing where he rocked back and forth and then he shot this white gooey stuff out of him all over my hand. It was sooo weird. I tried to wash it off but it just got stickier and gooier. I have not seen Jeff since then but I think I would like him to sleep over again. I think next time I will use a towel and not water to clean that stuff off.
cloe13girl cloe13girl
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012