My Life As A Teenage Somebody

I am a singer, sports player, academic genius, dancer, actor and artist. I can draw just about anything. People, anime characters, plants, you name it! Im a great singer and dancer, and I love acting, because it gives you the chance to pretend to be someone else. Singing you can be who you are, and dancing you can express who you are and what you are feeling. I also play volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, pretty much any sport. I am a straight A student, and always have been the teachers' favorite. I get what I want as long asI behave, and meet my mom's standards. I show the love and compassion of Christ to everyone I come into contact with. I am not perfect, but I aspire to live in a way that is glorifying to God. This is my life as a teenage somebody. <3
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Jan 11, 2013