Wow haven't been on in a looong time haha and all I see is the Corey and jay drama xD like really? XD
However is miss this place a lot, and I miss all my real friends on here! Hey guys!!
TrentonKemp TrentonKemp
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I love J-dramas! :D I'm trying to learn Japanese haha

Omg that's awesome :3 wish I could learn

Haha you could! :P I'm not good, yet ;) hahA

Haha I've heard it's really hard to learn!

It is, but it's great fun! :D

That's great! :)

Mmm haha I definitely want to go to Japan one day and learn to speak the language fluently :)

Really! :O that's a great life goal

Haha I have so many more.
I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture from a really young age. I remember going to this Japanese festival in Brazil when I was like 6 and just falling in love with the whole thing :) the clothes, food, people, art, music, the bowing, EVERYTHING haha

Really ? That's awesome :3

Haha Yeah. I LOVED IT!! Haha
I L-O-V-E-D it!!

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