I look fugly without makeup no wonder I hate myself
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It makes me sad to see you say you hate yourself. I think like this too sometimes, but in the end you are you and you have to except that, and be grateful of yourself. Besides I don't think you look unattractive at all. Your hair is an amazing unique color and your eyes are beautiful. Also when you wear those glasses of yours you look very attractive. Lots of guys love it when girls have glasses. Hope this helps. :)

You remind me of this really cool game character! I can't put my finger on who though. Hmm-_-

No, your very cute!

Cute freckles :)<br />
i do not see anything ugly except the fact that you think you look ugly when you aren't. <br />
cant see the color of your eyes but looks blueish or greenish?

there is something called the "natural you ".
the more natural you are the more beautiful you would feel....
next time try not to put on makeup and think positive ............
try it ! it works !

Go do something productive . Join a sport

Why do you think you're ugly without make up?

Because of my dark circles and the freckles on my lips and my green eyes look greener than they are

You think people care about that? What are you going to do if you get into a serious relationship? Yeah they're going to see your bare face.
Your skin has to hold all that up. Detox yourself and get some sleep.

If I get into a serious relationship with someone who is really right for me I won't mind having a bare face most of the time. I'm young, my face can take the beating.

HAH not always true. People look wrinkly by 30 because of heavy junk put on your face. I agree with OneFoot. Freckles are cute. The only thing you need is confidence. Makeup is an industry out there making money off low self-esteem after all.

I won't live by 30.

Why not?

I won't even make it to 20 because I'm going to commit suicide this year

Now that is silly. Why would you do such a thing? You know...suicide happens when you don't have enough resources to cope with your pain. Calling yourself ugly is just adding to that pain that you cannot already cope with.
Give it one more day...day by day. See how it goes :)

I don't want to do this anymore, I've been fighting these demons for 3 years.

I'm lesbian so it's a girl... Thank you for your opinion that was straightforward but at the same time not harsh.

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Really cute :o :3 <3


you arent ugly!!! You are beautiful!


/. ***

Naw its just jerks whom say that