If you don't understand cutting, fine don't.
But people all around you at least 5 do it.
& by making jokes, it hurts. Cutting is a way of coping when you have no other way to. Our scars & cuts are there when no one is or no one else was. our scars remind us we got threw it. Our cuts show us were strong, & by putting us done makes it worse. So think before you say.
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You never win in a civil war. I learned that the hard way

I know your pain

End it all.

Get a life! Your ID says it all!

I know a few people who cut. I think it's such a painful experience. Doesn't matter who does it, it's painful. Some people might say it's disgusting, other might say it's stupid. But I just find it painful. Not just the act itself, but the fact that something has made this person, who is beautiful and vibrant no matter what other people say or think, damage the one thing they keep from the moment they are born to the the moment they die. If you cut, or have someone in your life that does, you need to be strong. You have to. Because you are something that is precious. And if you think that's not true. Come talk to me. I'll try to show you that even if you are a stranger to someone, you will influence them. Be it in a good way or bad way. And You. Are. Precious.

Omg no don't cut

So many people here would love to hug you and help you. We do care about our future generation which is you. You can help us both. How about being really strong and tattooing your self instead of taking the easy way of cutting. No more cuts! Plan out a little tattoo each time you want to cope. And just a few tatts will be enough to remind you everything any time.
Love and Best Wishes to you.

Personally, I consider cutting to be weak and sick. I've had friends who did it, and no matter what I said, they kept cutting. They didn't feel better, they felt worse because of that cutting.

My personal opinion is that anyone who cuts should seek treatment. It's actually an addiction, addictions are never good. Plus I don't consider the scars to be a sign of strength, but rather weakness.

No offense meant though, this is just my opinion.

Your scars don't show you're strong.. It's actually the opposite.
You seem weak because you can't handle life so you cut for a current feeling.

How do cut show you're strong. I think they show you are not very good at coping.

It shows your strong because you got threw it, you got threw something you never thought was possible.

You got through it by cutting yourself..,

I don't know people who cut, i was the one who did that and i'm not proud of it!!

People all around you can hide it Hun.