I've been depressed lately. Well I don't know what I feel right now to be honest. I self harmed yesterday and my dad yelled at me for it. He told me he's going to send me away. I don't have a dad anymore. My just cares about me going to school. I feel like I don't have parents right now. My face is cut up right now and everyone stares at me. I'm lonely. I have no friends right now. No father. Barley a mother. I have a boyfriend but he lives 1,700 miles away. He's helped a lot though. I've never felt like this in my life. Ever. I have a mental illness and also depression. I'm just depressed I guess
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If you need someone to talk to who won't judge I'm here <3

LOL shut up please. He cares about your school so you don't become a self harming drug addict dumb ***. Open your damn eyes kid!! My god. People like you annoy the **** out of me

Dude like why the **** are you on here if those people bother you. There's tons of us. **** off

It's just that she's being so dramatic lol OF COURSE he'd yell at her for cutting!! IF COURSE he cares about her schooling! Oh my god kid!

I've got around 100 scars from self harm but it isn't hot and I've just lost my latest gf for it

Anything I can say or do to help

Just knowing you want to helps

If there is anything you need to talk about you can message me. I am sorry though because I am not usually on ep

Do you wanna talk or something

I am addicted to helping people. It's a great high.

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I'm very sorry to hear of your pain. I hope you can reach out to someone in your school or a real life counselor. You probably require "real life assistance". I am much older but, I remember the growing pains of life and they come and go. I hope you hang on and find the help you need.

Thanks I will