Telepathy And Broken Hearts

Telepathy makes grieving harder.  One thought connects, and reconnects you to the person who has rejected you.  There's no escaping it. You are faced with a choice of either disconnecting, breaking your emotional link, or suffer from knowing that the person you love, and whom you feel empathatically and telepathically connected no longer desires that connection with you.  So much of falling in love, being in love, and heartbreak is actually based upon telepathy, yet the vast majority of people would never consider this fundamental truth.  Additionally, telepathy allows telepaths to fall in love much faster than those they fall in love with since a telepath can easily connect to their loved one, and maintain a connection when the loved one, most like a non-telepath, uses a compartmental form of thinking - and has elaborate means of protecting themselves in a subconscious way from ever realizing the role that telepathy plays in their lives - this allows the non-telepath to not be as responsible and loyal to the telepath as a telepath feels they must be in a romantic relationship.  Essentially telepaths fall in love more easily, fall deeper in love, and are much more devastated by break ups than non-telepaths.  And yes, I am broken hearted, and I am a telepath/empath. By the way, I don't believe anyone isn't a telepath/empath - it's just that most people would rather take a bullet in the skull rather than ever come to realize the truth about the true nature of the way we are all connected - and I guess - sometimes I wish I never had this gift and curse.  Especially now that a woman I am deeply in love with, and still connected to has dumped me.

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Love. I am like you. I understand the pain. In "Christian" terms, it is literally "taking on" another person's hell or heaven. It's intense. I believe awareness of ourselves is the key here, and being as healthy and as lovingly compassionate to ourselves as possible allows whatever energies we end up processing that aren't "ours" to be less painful and less wrecking to the body and psyche. The amazing thing is that telepathy + empathy are healing gifts. Being aware of what our own thoughts are at all times and meditation helps a great deal.

i think there is away to get out of this problem by love again !

It's a bit difficult to explain what I experience. I don't really know if it's telepathy, because I have no idea who is sending me these messages or why. And being an empath can make it very draining to be around anyone so I try to avoid people. Most of the people sending me messages I never even noticed before and now it is a bit scary now that I'm noticing them. They probably were connecting with me and I had no idea they were trying to connect with me or were connected with me in anyway and it was not by choice. It's even scarier because most of these people I don't know and have no desire to have any kind of telepathic or any kind of connection with them. But i've gotten so many messages lately it's scary when people I have no interest in connect with me, and right now I have no interest in anyone. If I knew who it was it may be different but I have no idea who they are or why. My type of telepathy is visual telepathy...I don't hear anything and the messages come in various forms. So if I knew who it was I could probably be a bit more direct and not scared about feeling a connection to a stranger that I did not want to connect and could find a way to disconnect from them connecting to me.

Hello. I've been researching for ages on the internet for a topic like this as I am an "empath" myself you see and like yourself I feel EXACTLY the same way. In 2005 I don't know why but I realised I had a telepathic connection with this certain man. The only problem was that he was a lot older than me and not the type of person you'd expect him to be. Soon enough I fell in love with him (still had no idea why). He had a on/off personality and in a way I hated him for it but I could never let go because I loved him so much. I don't know if he ever at any stage loved me back as he was always giving off and sending me mixed signals I could never work out and put together. It wasn't until last April that I realised something was wrong with the connection. It was like he couldn't hear me anymore and I couldn't feel him when I did try to speak to him. I still feel that way now. For some reason I just feel so depressed because I know he's not "here". I had spoken to a psychic before and they believed that it is because of inconsistencies. I would just like to know what they are via telepathic connections and how do you fix them (make them consistent)? I just want to know how to stop all this inner pain. Thank you.

if you are from independence MO the person you was in telepathic talks with moved to Kansas city MO in april of 2012 some people are good at close range but the more calm and relaxed the person is better the range of telepathy

Hi, I dated someone for 3 years, but it didn't work out. While we were together, we would have some strange "telepathic" moments where we would be far away from each other (he went to school in a different state), but we'd be on the same wavelength. Mostly, it would be where I was thinking of a specific time we did something together, and a few minutes later, he'd call me and bring it up. We broke up about 4 years ago. He started dating someone else, and that telepathic pull to him was gone. I guess I would feel everytime he would think about me, and since he was dating someone, that stopped. Though it was very hard, I was able to move on, and I married someone else 2 months ago. I am completely in love with my new husband! However, about a week and a half ago, I felt my ex in my mind again. I had two dreams I distinctly remember about him last night. For the past week and a half, that "pull" has been very strong. I looked him up on Facebook and it turns out he broke up with his girlfriend. I just couldn't believe I really FELT that happen! I broke up with this guy for very valid reasons, and I couldn't be happier with my husband. I just want this telepathic connection with the former to be broken. HOW CAN I DO THAT?! Please help. I want to live my new married life happily in PEACE.

I had this happen to me and you have to get stabbed in the heart chakra... so basically someone has to wish or make a motion of a sword and then youll feel it but trust me it doesnt hurt that bad.. and also i had a mind connections too with another person and it broke bc i got shot in the mind and it hurt worst the stab but if u really want to be happy with your husband your going to have to. theres always the chance tho he could realize and come looking for you and create the connection again that has also happened to me and its unfortunate but in order to guard that from happen bandannas Velcro and fur to protect yourself if ur husband is not one but if he is and your husband has a more powerful mind then you have nothing to worry about.

dear i need help i want to learn telepathy could you please help

God's Word says when we accept/allow/invite Jesus who is also the Holy Spirit into our hearts and life, His infinite presence fills us and we are transformed, and become 'one with Him.' We then share His Mind, the Mind of Christ and we are imbued with His Spirit. It is a higher spiritual evolutionary process designed by God who is LOVE and loves us. Remarkably we are gifted with the ability to 'discern' thoughts - 'and Jesus knew their thoughts...' For myself, this has manifested in different ways, I am connected to other 'born again' renewed people, knowing each others thoughts and feeling their distress/griefs even afar off. I can detect malice/lust/anger/jealousy in people without any cues from them. I am always right. So many examples! I felt my x-boyfriends thoughts upon me one day unexpectedly after a few years and felt his loneliness, the next day he contacted me on FB. I had another close boyfriend whose spirit came over me with an enveloping love. His presence was so strong and distinct I said loudly 'I love you too Darryl. I will see you tomorrow.' The next day, I found out he died in his sleep at the same time I felt his love upon me. Tonight once more, I hear my adulterous soon-to-be divorced husband calling my name with desperate pleading. I just prayed once more, putting him into God's Hands. I can feel his regret and shame. I can even sense his mistress's fury and hate because she knows his heart is no longer hers. He can send all the telepathic messages he wants - I will not go back to him. I broke my SOUL TIES to him in the Name of Jesus. I realize that soul ties are formed every day and we have to cut those that bring torment. Earlier today, I felt an x-daughter-in-laws wrath although she was courteous. I also felt a man's malice and jealousy over me although I have no relationship with him. Renounce soul ties and telepathic links with depraved wicked people and unknown manipulative, controlling beings from the spiritual realm because God says 'What has Light to do with darkness?' Put your Self into God's Infinite Self and move in His Spirit - true accurate telepathy is only possible with God and the transmitting relay/conduit is Love.

I would love to speak with you about what you have written about telepathy. I have been trying to communicate through energy, and it seems that my success with it is just too far away. I love the way you say that its only possible with God, and transmitting Love. My friend has told me the same thing about it, and thats what drew me to your comment.

I think the strong physical pain of separation from a telepathic friendship that turns into more on that same plane makes one want to give up telepathy all together. But then you sense their energy and you communicate without even trying. If you are married to someone else, this can feel like you can't escape your own heart.

I'm not sure if I'm telepathic, but I get these strong emotions that flow through me. I recently ended a relationship, well he ended it with me, but we seem to not be able to depart. We still have strong feelings. When I think of him I get this pressure around my heart. Its like I can almost see him and feel him. Then I begin to hurt and become very sad, weak. He has awoken me up out of my sleep, calling my name. Why? Are we linked? Is it why we can't seem to let go of one or the other? I don't understand.

Dear Kimbee

Thank you for your posting, I have the same exact scenario in my life at the moment. what has gone on for you the past month? There is nobody I can discuss this with, my friends believe that I am just not moving on. Please update your posting. Thank you so much

It has even gotten to the point after a month of not talking, I had decided I would call him the next day. He send me an email in the middle of the night and said that I didnt sound good in my message and he was very worried about me. I know I didnt call him, I even checked my phone to see if perhaps I had called him in my sleep.

When we were dating we always called each other as the other was thinking of calling.

Is your guy afraid of this type of connection?

I do a visualization where I clamp the other parties energy because somehow it is draining my own. I find that relationships are a transfer of energy and at times the other party unknowingly draws energy from us. This is when I do a pagan visualization where instead of cutting the psychic chord I just clamp it so that less energy can get through. This is what I have to do until I understand why my energy gets so drained by these people. It really works try it :)

energy gets drained because there is some thing wrong in the psychic chord in you or in the other party

I would agree that we fall in love faster and usually unconditionally, but even having that connection and falling in love I know whether or not they are likely my match.

So sorry your gift(s) are compounding your problems now. I had to deal with a breakup with telepathy but had only recently discovered my power and did not know that I could connect with my ex or anybody I know at a distance. So thankfully I did not "haunt" her.

I am asking because I was recently involved with a break with a male friend. Not sure if he really had feelings for me. But I keep feeling these weird energy force all around me. I don't understand it. It gets higher at the end of the day, almost feels like I am gettng goose bumps, but minus the goose bumps.

I would like to found out more of your story. How do you know for sure you are telepathic? Maybe you are just empathic?

If you were telepathic yourself you would know by what he wrote that he is telepathic. Empaths feel deeply but there are still questions about others they cannot answer. Telepaths have a knowing like unto a lie detector. There are no doubts and the connections run so much deeper then most are open to experience. You can't fault people for how they feel because you "know" that's really how they feel.

I share the same dilemma. It's so easy to say that you can just disconnect, but all it takes is one memory and boom your connected again. I find that being telepathic, can become a stalking rather than a gift (at times). Being an empath is even harder because of the feeling of others emotions. For many years I didn't realize that being telepathic can turn into an attack on the person who hurt you. We don't realize the power we possess. Why do so many want to be like us, when they don't know exactly what it is that we feel and think? My knees tingle from the overwhelming magnitude of the earths energy. Try not to attack the person who doesn't want to be with you. You may be doing it and not even realizing it. Walk in love in light, and learn the power of Attraction, how to attract love and luck to you. Remember, that being telepathic may seem like a curse at the moment, but if you concentrate your energy on light and love you will attract, love, money, light, can turn into a blessing. I learned the hard way. Learn all that you can do with your gift! Namaste!

i'm telepath like you and i want to do an experiment with you ,i have many concluente experiment