I Supremely Suck

i got my permit 5 months ago and im in drivers ed, my dad also has a CDL and was a professional driver for idk how long but since b4 i was born. so you'd think id have a clue what im doing but i dont. i cant judge distances or speed if my life depended on it (actually it does) i cant get the angles right for making turns ever and i never slow down soon enough or so my dad tells me, i can never tell. i never know if i'll have time to make a turn before the car comes. there is just so much to keep track of.

my vision is also very poor. which has nothing to do with my other problems but it doesn't help. i passed the DMV vision test and its not so bad that i wouldnt see a car or something but a am very near sighted. i can read crystal clear up close. but after about a foot and a half from my face i cant see hardly any thing i can see the signs at the side of the road but only when im about one car length away,daytime. or there at the front corner of the car at night, i 18 so i can drive at night while still have my permit.

i sit in the front row in my classes at school but i still cant read the board. i need glasses but i dont have my parents insurance any more now that im an adult and i dont have the money to buy them.

i suck so bad. for now i can still chalk it up to inexperience but i cant claim that forever and i KNOW i will never be good at it. i tell my parents i hate and im terrible at it but they make me do it any way then yell at me for screwing up.

when i move out i will never drive again i will walk or take the bus so i dont kill people. today i drove around Utica (a city) and i had no clue what i was doing. i ended up in the wrong lane every time and i forgot to signal idk how many times. this was like my first time driving in the city and i could have killed my whole family + the people i hit. if i was smart i would do something on propose to get my permit taken away forever so my parents cant make me drive. i am a hazard to every one and i should not be allowed on the road.
SessyKinz SessyKinz
18-21, F
May 11, 2012