Doubt That?

I tell to every guy I know, but they don't believe it. That's because they haven't even dated me.

Every guy expects the girl to be perfect and capable of showing love, but I can't, atleast not in the first weeks. I don't know if it's lack of trust or shyness but I just can't.  That's why guys I've dated say I'm "uptight", "boring", "loveless", "depressive" and "space out easily". Either it's true or guys complain too much!!!!

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8 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I agree :)

yeah ,, thats right sometimes they just overeact .. lol

Hmm, what is wrong with guys this days? They judge too much....

Some guys whom I used to date said I was heartless and didnt know how to love lol Actually, I do but they werent just the right one ;-)

I guess it's true :/

Maybe it is true, but those aren't your only sides. I'm anything but average myself, still there are people out there who do like (and even love) me. (Even when they hear I'm clinically insane, still they like to go out with me!)<br />
<br />
I guess you keep running into the wrong guys at the moment.

ughh, I know, but Idk, I thinks it's true what they say about me anyway.

A lot of guys complain too much! <br />
If you're taking your time to get to know someone, it's not good. If you sleep with them too soon, it's not good. You just can't do it right in their eyes.(Yes, I know there are exceptions, but they're so hard to find!)