Golf Is Better Without a Scorecard

I am a terrible golfer. I started golfing last summer at my husbands request that we start doing more things together. He is happy when he hits a 375 foot drive. I am happy when I get the ball out of the tee box! I started golfing on a ladies fun league and picked up some pointers on how to improve my game. I now can get the ball out of the tee box on almost every drive, but on a par three hole, I still score a 6. Sometimes, my husband gets a little frustrated with how bad I am, so I have had to resort to using little league tactics, like do-overs and throwing the ball in field to speed the game up. The best way to keep the frustration at a minimum for us is if I loose our scorecard in the woods when I'm looking for my stray ball. I enjoy golf very much. I enjoy riding around with a couple of beers in the cart with my best friend. But mostly, I enjoy knowing that even though I have no concrete evidence because I've ditched my scorecard, my game is improving!
HarleyBob619 HarleyBob619
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2 Responses Jun 15, 2007

HaHa ........... isn't golf a ***** of a game... perhaps you should seduce your husband in the nearest large bush .... pretend you were looking for your ball that once again has missed the fairway by 25 yards .... you never know ...perhaps he may score a hole in 1 ... : - p

Lol, ditching the score card probably was the best bet! Its hard trying to pick up someone's hobby when they don't remember that they have been playing muuuuch longer than you :-)