Almost Born, But Definitely Bred

Unfortunately, I was not born in Texas.  The only reason was that the closest hospital was in New Mexico.  9 miles, rather than 30.  But, I got here just a few days later and I've been here ever since.

I live in the most beautiful part of the state.  The Panhandle.  Of course, there are those who would disagree.  Although, I have traveled the entire State and I have never seen any area that is not beautiful, in and of itself.

Texas has the best of everything and there is not another state that can compare with what is here.

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

So far this year, it's so dry, even the native wildflowers aren't blooming yet.

Yes, the first of the bluebonnets were springing up this last week. I had to drive up to take care of some stuff for my grampa, and the flowers were all over the place :)

Shawna...thanks for the comment. I can agree with you. The hill country can be beautiful during the spring when all of the wildflowers start to bloom, especially the bluebonnets. We do have an awesomely beautiful state, no matter where you are.

I'm always a bit torn between whether I find the Panhandle or the Hill Country more beautiful. I lived in the Panhandle until I was ten, and regularly went back to visit until after I settled down where I am now. There is something about the sky once you get up on the Caprock that just takes my breath away. Also, Palo Duro Canyon will always be one of my favorite places on earth to visit. We moved to a town south of Wichita Falls when I was getting ready to start fourth grade, and the main thing I remember is that suddenly there was green everywhere. The hills were green, the fields at the dairy farms that were nearby were green, absolutely everywhere you looked there was green to the landscape. Also, until we moved down this way, I had never seen so many lakes or rivers. The longer I live around here, the more I appreciate the beauty of the scenery around me. And while the sky will never quite take my breath away the way the it does when I'm in Amarillo, it looks pretty amazing here, too.

I don't have much use for Houston either. I know for sure that I couldn't live there. The humidity would kill me.<br />
I really like Austin and San Antonio.<br />
Well, if you ever do happen to head out this way, let me know. The offer is good anytime.

I live in central Texas. I barely remember Midland as we moved from there to the Houston area when I was four or so. I love Austin but don't have much use for Houston. Thanks for the offer!

sage...It's glad to meet another Texan. <br />
I haven't lived in Texas all the time. I did time in the Air Force and was out of state then and when I retired, I moved to Florida (big mistake, big huge mistake), and then I moved back to Texas.<br />
If you live in Midland, then just jump in your car/pickup and drive north, through Lubbock and you'll be in the Panhandle in no time. Amarillo is a friendly city and a nice place to visit.<br />
If you ever decide to make the trip, just let me know and I'll show you the sights.

That's awesome. I was born in Midland TX, but my poor brothers were born in New Mexico. I've never lived in any other state. I wish I could see the Panhandle.