Is This Just Dream Or True!!!!!!!!!!

I was born with a poor tibetan dokpa (nomaid)family,i have been enjoyed my life with my parent untill i leave tibet,even  my parent didn't have nothing accep  YAK n SHEEP,no house,no money,nothing nothing,but we was happy for what we have,i leave tibet since 1990 when i was 11 years old,even i didn't said to my mum why i am going to india,i just said to her,i would like to go to india for study,but in my mind there was something which is i couldn't tell to anyone,i knew i have to find answer for this by my self,still i remember that day  i decited to leave tibet by walking,passing himalaya,no time for sleep,cry scare,n for food few kilos of tibetan tsampa porrige untill tibetan refugee center in nepal,

Since 1989 we were celebrating tibetan new year(losar),everybody on tibetan traditional dress n singing dokpa(nomaid)song,the first day of losar many of chinese police came to our tent house n they arrested my uncle for nothing,they blame him he try to attact chinese police,but many people knew it was not true,he was 4 days in prison n on 5th day,i remember my mum was holding my hand n she said,my son we have to go for see uncle today,would u like to come?she was crying,but when we got to chinese police station to zoangha they already killed him,n there was many people talking about my uncle,

my uncle was a tibetan shamane,i knew he was a wonderful person,peace n helpful,so many of tibetan dokpa(nomaid)respected to him,so mabe chinese police don't want to see that,i fined answer only this,i have been thinking on my uncle case since i leave tibet,but still ......!!!!!i didn't had contact with my parent for 16 years untill 2006,when i saw my parent after 16 years i have 15 years old sister front of me,n i didn't know i have sister too,but atleast i found the answer who is pesponsible for my uncle death,

Then it was on 2008 july 10 i was talking with my parent on phone,they told me they have very diffeculd life there,becouse of tibetan uprising on march 10th 2008,n they want to leave tibet to india,

so they leave tibet on 18 july 2008,it suppose to take 20 to 30 days,n still i am waiting for them since 19 months.

i loss all of my parent dad 59,mum 59,aunt 47 n sister 17 years old,i don't know what to do n how i can fine them..............

thank you for  read,love n peace
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i wish i could give you a hint on a way to find your perents... only the telephone books and looking up there names in the embassy are the things i would suggest, but am sure you have allready done this things so all i can say is i wish you the best of luck in the future and i really hope you find them :)<br />
<br />
keep up the good fight!