Push, Shove, Plead All You Like.... I Will Still Win.

Pedestals, wonderful things till someone falls off yours.

When that one person you hold dear in what ever form fukks up, you realise how little they actually are within.  I idolised you for so long, I thought you were the coolest thing since sliced bread... I admired you from afar.  Then you attacked me, and thought that it was acceptable to try to pay me back for standing up to you.  I did not feel the need to publicly confront you, gossip behind your back, or make fun of you.  I had no reason to go around stating what a complete useless **** you are and how bad you look in that tighter clothing.  I even agreed at the party that yes you have a nice arse - even when you shoved it in my face, grabbed both my hands and shoved them on it.  If I'd thought you were sober enough to understand - I'd have whispered I'd tap that.....just because I know you are a homophobic with attention seeking problems.

I used to think - wow you rock.  You did your job well, the kids love you, you look great and have just all that.. Now I can see your talents for what they are, and the bluff and bluster is how you field how little you actually know and do.  Yes you hold the title of supervisor - but you do not have the respect that goes with it.  I may only be a senior educator, but I have the knowledge and wisdom and teaching abilities....and shock fukking horror I use them. 

I can understand now why you have to attack... I'd challenge you to a battle of wits, but you appear unarmed.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2011

Why thank you =) Living well has to be the best revenge..

Well said my friend