Me Too

I always manage to stutter when I talk or even when I write, so this group describes me.

All theep dinkers rotally tock.

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:) Still water runs deep. <br />

LOL I wish sometimes my stutter would not flutter out *And hold that that !!! longerrrrrrrrrrr :)<br />
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typing here gets me in BIG trouble and all these buttons ! heh heh..sadly it is bad at times! 98% is good! but that 2%<br />
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BAd!!flast tipers caz trabol opzs

@BCJ: repeating doesn't work, it doesn't engage the brain, I think we should try something else<br />
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@ Fahrenheit: It is not ridiculous, all great men do that, be proud<br />
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Thanks for the comment

oh, i always do that. i mean, so often it is *ridiculous*

practice miladies. <br />
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when in front of the mirror in the morning repeat the following phrase: "Engage brain before mouth, engage ...."<br />
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hehehe<br />
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happens when i write. when i try to read it the next day, it looks like the screen of a cardio machine that is plugged into a guy who flatlined. <br />
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I have to plead guilty to that too Emerald, I always say things without thinking, and then regret it.

The only thing worse is when THOUGHT goes in brain and out MOUTH with no forethought! :O GUILTY!

Always, sometimes I stutter because I changed the word in my mind and my mouth want to continue saying the previous word.

I think it happens because we have fast minds and our tongue or fingers can't catch up with it

Yep, I get my tang tongled ALL the time! :O Just the other day I said I steeped and sluttered!... yeah, mind musta been in the gutter! lol

My wife does it and doesn't realize it. That's what makes it so funny.

She is good with words, I do that a lot but not intentionally!

My wife talks like that a lot. She switches letters around like that and sometimes switches words around when she talks. It's funny. I am going to write a story about it sometime.

The world is fooled with wisemen

And here I thought I was the only Theep Dinker... *sigh*

I think it comes with experience. LOL<br />
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Thank you