I believe in my farther satan and his demons , this world has tormented him with the label of evil because he went against his creator , he believes in equality yet everyone hates him for it , angels hate humans I just thought I should let everyone know , they don't understand why god made you all , angels don't protect you and god won't answer your prayers he likes to watch you suffer he watches you beg for mercy , satan wanted people to live happily in one place together , all he wanted was so recognition not to become ruler , fake Christians disgust me with there " your going to hell " I know where I'm going and I know what I believe in , I'm not judging your religion because I know you are scared of judgment , the thought of eternal damnation yearns your mind to go to higher ground , that's what makes humans so ignorant and weak , you don't know how to think for yourself because of what this world created , I bet not even half the people who go to church even understand why lucifer went to hell , he wanted you all to be free not under democracy and ruling , do you think gods favorite angel would betray him just because he wanted to be king ? No ! He wanted what everyone wants now but can't have " equality " the knowledge of the unknown
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As-salamu alaykum, you have chosen this to be your belief and us as humans can do nothing but accept the path you have chosen, we are not allowed to interfere or judge you for your way of life as we are not god and we do not deserve to have power over anyone. I know that some religious people are ignorant of this when it comes to this but the fear of such things overwhelms their thoughts. Doing what you are doing is crazy to them however they should keep it to themselves either way, I hope you forgive the ignorant for their actions.

Your going to hell.

I know <3 how exciting I can't wait !

It's not a party it's eternal burning and pain.

The fact that you know nothing about hell amuses me , ignorant that you think that it's just all fire and pain

None stop pain. Imagine your worst pain and amplify it by 100 and then imagine it continuing forever nonstop and you never get used to it so it never gets less painful.

That's one of the layers and it's called limbo

Limbo is a arcade game or a real life game.

Dear limbo is where your fears and pain is repeated there are 9 layers of hell....have you even read the bible ?

Did you even read my comment?

You talked about how I was going to hell and that hell is suffering over and over again but what you don't understand that there is more to hell then you think or will ever know , limbo isn't a game ( well it is ) but I mean as in it shouldn't be taken lightly , in the Catholic religion it's known as purgatory

Who are you to judge someone by their actions? You are not god so you should not act as such.

Your going to hell to

You are aware that it is a sin to say that correct? Or did you not read your holy book. You are judging us. Luke 6:37 "Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven."

Your going to hell for trying to prove me wrong. Somebody hasn't heard the saying: Obvious troll is obvious. And good thing I'm an athiest.

What a pathetic troll attempt that was, you ended up me teaching your about god instead of making us angry. Seeing how your a atheist (Blank slate) this is the perfect chance for you to convert to Islam! ^_^

Hmmmmmm my god? I said I was an athiest. Are you a moron?

Check your experiences and then come back. ;)


Also my experience have nothing to do with god, considering your just a stereotypical hater and look through my posts to try and say I am a Christian you failed lol

Stereotypical hater? What is a stereotypical hater? It says on your experiences you believe in god. And "hell" which is what you mentioned is a Christian belief. its as simple as 1+1=2.

Lol. You say something is simple when you can't figure out why it says I believe in god lol Internet humors me

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