Love Is The Law

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I am a fellow Thelemite who has studied Thelema for over 6 years now.  When I first became introduced to Thelema I was 25.  My story is a long one, but I can describe to you a short but sweet history:  I entered into the devine while walking on a journey of self introspection.  Alone I would talk to the Goddess Nuit, and open my heart to the true understanding of what I wanted, and who had it for me.  Love is my path, and pure will is what I follow.  A born star, that is who I was, gently caressed by the wings of Hadit, I steadily followed life, passing in and out of each ordeal, until finally I became what I am today.  I walked so far in the darkness, though never alone.  There was always a burning flame in my heart that guided me, never leaving me astray.  I stumbled on to one of Crowley's writtings around the time that I finally knew where I belonged, it was the Star Child.  After that I quickly got hold of the Book of the Law, and then I began to completely devote my time to that and the Gems.  I find that I was a lone survivor, opened up to the world of Thelema, and now I devote my steps to the Great Works.

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good question,wat r ya thoughts sypmptom?