Self Help Therapy : Cult Abuse Survivor

I wanted to ask therapists how i can be labeled stable and recovered so I can defend myself from further victimization. I'm looking to buy a gun permit, lower my health insurance costs etc. What do i have to do or prove and with whom??? I'm not sure if my mental health is listed anywhere other then previous abusive therapists who helped the cult control me. And this is were a big problem lays. I want to be cleared of bad labels and be able to be trusted with a stable mind. I'm totally serious about this and want to be taken as a responsible well rounded conscientious adult who deserves respect. I can prove all of these things and am deserving of a "stable minded" label. can u give me some pointers??? Thank you :)

-the last time i received any diagnosis was when i was a minor , would this even effect me?
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Feb 19, 2012