(poem) Sleeping...

Weary eyed,
Rasping breaths,
Hard I tried,
Still, more deaths.

Broken leg,
Bleeding paw,
Many dead,
Broken law.

Close, do my eyes,
Breaths are rare,
Men eating fries,
Its never fair.

Hear them laugh and,
Screech with glee,
Approach do half,
To torture me.

I Can't bear it,
I Can't do it,

I Can't stay here,
I Can't keep here,

I Can't live on,
I Can't keep on,
I Can't go on,
I Can't stay on.

Eyes shut at last,
Cruel men reach tree,
But they're too late,
No pain left for me.

Stop wolf hunting guys! Come on! 

Aeluna Aeluna
13-15, F
May 6, 2012