Earth Magic Wolves - Chapter 1

At roughly the same time as the planet known as SCORPIOPYROSIA TYRANOXOID (Or as they call it on this particular planet, The Earth) was created, a smaller planet was created. This was named the ARANOXOID REIYOTOSIA PORATANALOID FROGARODION SECRETARIUMION star. Star because it was smaller than the average planet. But you dont care what it's called, do you? All you need to know that on this star/planet, evolution took much longer, but the average lifespan was longer than that on the planet earth. 

Humans were, however, an exception. They evolved at super high speed rates, which allowed them to learn new skills and hunting tactics. This also posed a negative, sadly for their race. For when the geckos tried to keep up with this quick evolution speed, because everyone knows that geckos control evolution as mice create planets, they missed out two aspects which were then lost forever. Fur to keep warm (though they soon learnt to wear animals fur) and the ability to control the elements. This resulted in the human race on this planet to be incredibly weak.

You see, there are five elements: Water, earth, fire, metal and air. Each species was split into five groups, and each group held the power of an element. With it, they could enhance their skills, aid recovery, converse mentally,but most importantly, join together as one. Without it, the species could not love, nor could they form any sort of bond, and reproduction was torture. The power was not free, however, and had to be earned by using elemental magic on the same element of another species and winning, except the species had to be of the roughly same level, attack damage or power. For example, an air wolf pack could challenge an air zebra herd, and if they won a battle, their elemental power would increase, and the loser's drop.

For many years, the humans on this planet we're the weak ones, weaker than a fly, considering even flies had elemental power, though a small amount However, after a long while, they learnt to make guns, and defensive armour. They could not control the elements, however they could make their own version. By the year 1996AD, they were stronger than small animals who could harness the power. But they were a small species; many died on the way to reach power.

There were roughly 430 people in the world, bearing in mind there were roughly 97,350 animals in the whole world. Remember many species didn't exist here and those who did were rare, generally animals existed in 2,000 tops. All in all, the humans really were still the weaklings of the land. Strange to think, I know, but true.

But this all changed when they learnt to hunt for fun, not food...

I know it might be confusing, so I'll try to do a summary each chapter:

At roughly the same time as the mice created the earth, a smaller planet was created. All creatures on this planet evolved slowly, but they could harness the power of the elements. To get more power, another species harnessing the same element had to be defeated. 

Humans evolved strangely quickly, losing the elemental power in the process. However, once they created weapons and armour, they were as strong as small elemental creatures, such as insects and small mice/rats etc.

There were not many species or animals on this planet. There were roughly just 430 humans. They could not love or join together, for they had no elemental power, and reproduction was slow and painful. The species was slowly dying out without elemental power.

When they learnt to hunt for fun however, it all changed...

Aeluna Aeluna
13-15, F
May 7, 2012