I Am A Type Of Therian.


Ever since I was young I have had a connection with animals. I can't bare to see them hurt, and I always wish I was them. I wanted a pet to look after from a very young age, and now I have the chance to have one.

I have always seemed to have a way with animals, they normally like and / or trust me after a while of slow, calm movements. When I was around 5 I realised that I always walked around on tip-toe, and I have now realised this is a sign that you may be a therian. Also, I can make strange animal noises that most people I know can't (Well, apart from my therian friends =D) or refuse to attempt. Whenever I was irritated or upset, I whined like a dog, growlled like a wolf, and sometimes hissed like a cat.

I cannot remember a dream that I ever had of me being an animal, and I am still quite unsure what therian I may be.

~TrickyUnicornSerenade (The Random One)
TrickyUnicornSerenade TrickyUnicornSerenade
13-15, F
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hmm, if you message me I may be able to help